Sunday, October 18, 2009

church and coffee the perfect combo :)

Have you ever been to church on Christmas when they give you those little white candles with the little paper ring around them? When I was little I was always afraid to hold mine because I was afraid that the wax would hit my hand and I would drop the candle and lite the whole church on fire. Not a great thing to do on Christmas. I think that would pretty much ruin Jesus's birthday :) I thought of this yesterday when I was lighting a candle yesterday and yea.. anyway I got some Coffee Mate at the store today. I haven't tried this kind yet. It's Cinnamon Bun and I will have to let you know if it is good or not. The next one i want to try is the creamy chocolate. Do you have a favorite? Also before I go i recently bought some yoplait whips and the vanilla one is actually better than the chocolate. They are both good but the chocolate one has like a raspberry taste to it.. weird. anyway comment.. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Loves: When you wake up from sleeping and think it is time to get up and then you look at the clock and realize you have like another two hours, drinking straight coffee with just cream and sugar and nothing else; it makes me feel like a grown up but i only do that sometimes :) , texting because if you just talk on the fone what if you run into an awkward silence, singing im not sure if im good or not, lighting candles and blowing them out i love watching the smoke lol im not sure why it just fascinates me when it lites the wick lol.

Hates: when you get those little bumps on your tounge from burning youself or for over reasons i am unsure of, my gym teacher who is a major perv, flared jeans, waking up, minor holidays like Labor Day what the f where are the presents? , bi-polar people its like what the crap weren't you just happy? lol. yea that is pretty much it.

we dont have homecoming for like another two weeks but this is the dress i really really want!!!

boots. :)

started getting cold out today and you know what that means?? boots!!! i get a pair of boots ever winter, whether its Uggs, leather boots whatever. this year i think i want to get a knit pair. also i saw this pair of shoes that i really liked and i would get them if they weren't peep toe. but yea..

baseball anyone?

baseball games are really important where i live i dont live in a small town but they still are important and i love to go to them. i have played softball for two years. i play first, third, and right field. in softball infield is more important than outfield cuz you dont hit as far in softball. my favorite player on the river dogs (home team) is Melky Mesa. (Mel-key May-sa) funny name awesome player. he plays outfield just like i did when i first strated out and he is really nice :) dont know why i just told you this i just thought i should. are mascots are Charlie T. Riverdog, Chelsea Riverdog, and Bark which is a palm tree which is our state tree. Bark is funny cuz he runs really weird. lol. i thought you might enjoy seeing what i was talking about. lol leave comments also check out the rest of his videos here. the Michael Jackson one and the soulja boy one are really funny. bye:)

folly beach boat.

There is this boat that is out off the side of the road where i live on the way out to the beach that everyone paints on for people who just got married, your birthday, or anything really. when i was first born my dad wrote on it but i cant seem to find the picture of it. he wrote my name, my birthday and stuff like that like everyone does. and its really special. i was curious that if i chipped the paint off that boat if i could find my painting. the boat is probably two feet thicker. it has been there for as long as i can imagine and there is something new on it piratically every day. its kinda what makes folly beach, folly beach. i was lucky enough to find a website that has many of the paintings people do on it. and here are four of my favorites. if you want to see more you can go here.

im sorry :(

i guess i don't really have to tell you why i haven't been on a while but since i am already typing it is because of school and i don't really have time to do much stuff considering all the work i have to do. so instead of doing like a used to and posting everyday i am going to try to post once every Saturday when i have time. so since i haven't posted in a while i am going to give about 3 posts to get you back up to date. also i might be changing my blog layout just because i don't like it anymore. so to get you back up to date and because i am super annoying i just want to let you know that i am getting a new phone the first week in November or hopefully sooner! it is the Samsung Gravity and it is green and grey two of my fav colors. it has a qwerty keyboard and is great for texting. once i get it i will be sure to give a review. anyway... i have a post i want to show you guys about some shoes that i want and yea.. ok bye :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

do you remember when?

Today instead of listing the things that I like about myself I also think that you should know some of the things that I wish I had...

Right now I wish I had:
. Green Eyes- I've always wanted green eyes I think people with green eyes are so pretty :)
. A Cell Phone- I had one, got it taken away, and now I don't get a new one until November
. A Bigger house- I live in a two story house but I wish it was bigger
. Starbucks Mint Chocolate Frap- I just really want one right now
. Sweet potato fries- some people just wouldn't understand. :)

Feel free to use this idea in your blog posts so people can learn more about you :)

I also just want to say congrats to Justine for winning the amazing giveaway from Laila "congrats Justine" take good care of your spoons. :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

just goes to show you what hitting a snack machine can do.

Today when I woke up this morning I didn't feel like making my lunch which i normally do because the school cafeteria lines are always to long and most of the time nasty. Anyway, I didn't want to make it so I grabbed three dollars out of my wallet, ate an English muffin and ran out to the bus stop. (i forgot to mention that i did have clothes on). Yada..yada..yada... it was lunch time. Me and my friend Taylor usually go to the vending machines for lunch because she usually has to buy a drink or some chips. Today I wanted some cookies. First off let me tell you that most of the time i hate vending machines because they never like my dollar bills and they always want to send the cash back out to me. It makes you want to just yell out "SHIT!!" but i didn't because well... its school and i am not a freak most of the time. So anyway after about 30 tries it took my dollar and i looked for the cookies i wanted. Let me first off tell you that our school vending machines are a rip off. Most of the stuff in them is crap anyway but you have to pay a frickin dollar for one of those "Chewy's" you know the granola bars. I mean come on. So it took my dollar, i found the cookies i wanted so i pressed "69" into the little keypad. That just made me laugh right off the bat. So the coil thing starts to roll and roll and finally the cookies are almost out when one of the edges get stuck in the coil. Damn. So i hit the machine. It started to move. It kept moving. My cookies dropped into the box but what else? Another bag!!! I got a free bag of fricken cookies. lol. it was so bazaar. all i wanted was a bag of cookies. It took two years. But that is God's way of rewarding me for being patient. Tootles. :)

Sticky Notes.

I want to start out today's post saying that I forget things. A lot. I mean you could be like "sure Jessie everyone forgets things from time to time" no. i mean i could think something and 2 minutes later I will forget. If I need to remember something I write it down on a sticky note. You may have noticed in my blog posts that I use a lot of pictures. This is because I can save a picture, look at it, and remember what i was going to do. On another note, I just want to say Happy September, I am hoping for cool or mildly cold weather which doesn't happen much where I be from. I love fall. It is my favorite season. I love the temperature, the colors, and the clothes you get to wear in autumn. I'm thinking Ralph L. Changing the subject again, i recently read a blog post about nutella (i think that's how you spell it) its a "hazelnut spread" but personally i think it just tastes like dark chocolate peanut butter. You can put it on a lot of stuff. Like sandwiches, crepes, toast, it taste good in milkshakes too. I wonder how it would taste in coffee. Personally i am not much of a coffee drinker. Love the smell of it but it is just kind of bitter. I only drink it if it is in frap form and i can see that is has whipped cream on the top. Wont drink it plain. It has to have some flavor to it. I love Coffee Mate. There are like a gazillion flavors. My favorites are the peppermint mocha, vanilla caramel, creamy chocolate, and cinnamon vanilla. I here there is an eggnog one. A lot of people cant stand the stuff. Not sure why I love the stuff. Delicious. Enough about drinks i got some studying i got to get too. This was like a really long post. Bye. :)