Saturday, October 17, 2009

im sorry :(

i guess i don't really have to tell you why i haven't been on a while but since i am already typing it is because of school and i don't really have time to do much stuff considering all the work i have to do. so instead of doing like a used to and posting everyday i am going to try to post once every Saturday when i have time. so since i haven't posted in a while i am going to give about 3 posts to get you back up to date. also i might be changing my blog layout just because i don't like it anymore. so to get you back up to date and because i am super annoying i just want to let you know that i am getting a new phone the first week in November or hopefully sooner! it is the Samsung Gravity and it is green and grey two of my fav colors. it has a qwerty keyboard and is great for texting. once i get it i will be sure to give a review. anyway... i have a post i want to show you guys about some shoes that i want and yea.. ok bye :)