Wednesday, September 2, 2009

do you remember when?

Today instead of listing the things that I like about myself I also think that you should know some of the things that I wish I had...

Right now I wish I had:
. Green Eyes- I've always wanted green eyes I think people with green eyes are so pretty :)
. A Cell Phone- I had one, got it taken away, and now I don't get a new one until November
. A Bigger house- I live in a two story house but I wish it was bigger
. Starbucks Mint Chocolate Frap- I just really want one right now
. Sweet potato fries- some people just wouldn't understand. :)

Feel free to use this idea in your blog posts so people can learn more about you :)

I also just want to say congrats to Justine for winning the amazing giveaway from Laila "congrats Justine" take good care of your spoons. :)


natalie said...

I wish I had green eyes too.... mine are just boring brown :P My mom has green eyes, but of course I didn't inherit that and instead inherited migraines. Blah!

Cat said...

My mom and my brother have green eyes. Super jealous that he got the green eyes and I didn't. :P

sushigirl4996 said...

Responding to your comment: my sisters are nine too! what a cawinkydink!

JESs said...

haha funny :) nine year olds are not fun :)