Sunday, October 18, 2009

church and coffee the perfect combo :)

Have you ever been to church on Christmas when they give you those little white candles with the little paper ring around them? When I was little I was always afraid to hold mine because I was afraid that the wax would hit my hand and I would drop the candle and lite the whole church on fire. Not a great thing to do on Christmas. I think that would pretty much ruin Jesus's birthday :) I thought of this yesterday when I was lighting a candle yesterday and yea.. anyway I got some Coffee Mate at the store today. I haven't tried this kind yet. It's Cinnamon Bun and I will have to let you know if it is good or not. The next one i want to try is the creamy chocolate. Do you have a favorite? Also before I go i recently bought some yoplait whips and the vanilla one is actually better than the chocolate. They are both good but the chocolate one has like a raspberry taste to it.. weird. anyway comment.. :)


natalie said...

Hahaha yeah, I don't think burning down the entire church would make a very good Christmas present ;) I don't really like coffee too much, but if it tastes like chocolate or cinnamon buns then sign me up :D

gossip girls gone vamp said...

You are so right about that at Christmas. Hope you had a good Thansgiving!