Tuesday, September 1, 2009

just goes to show you what hitting a snack machine can do.

Today when I woke up this morning I didn't feel like making my lunch which i normally do because the school cafeteria lines are always to long and most of the time nasty. Anyway, I didn't want to make it so I grabbed three dollars out of my wallet, ate an English muffin and ran out to the bus stop. (i forgot to mention that i did have clothes on). Yada..yada..yada... it was lunch time. Me and my friend Taylor usually go to the vending machines for lunch because she usually has to buy a drink or some chips. Today I wanted some cookies. First off let me tell you that most of the time i hate vending machines because they never like my dollar bills and they always want to send the cash back out to me. It makes you want to just yell out "SHIT!!" but i didn't because well... its school and i am not a freak most of the time. So anyway after about 30 tries it took my dollar and i looked for the cookies i wanted. Let me first off tell you that our school vending machines are a rip off. Most of the stuff in them is crap anyway but you have to pay a frickin dollar for one of those "Chewy's" you know the granola bars. I mean come on. So it took my dollar, i found the cookies i wanted so i pressed "69" into the little keypad. That just made me laugh right off the bat. So the coil thing starts to roll and roll and finally the cookies are almost out when one of the edges get stuck in the coil. Damn. So i hit the machine. It started to move. It kept moving. My cookies dropped into the box but what else? Another bag!!! I got a free bag of fricken cookies. lol. it was so bazaar. all i wanted was a bag of cookies. It took two years. But that is God's way of rewarding me for being patient. Tootles. :)


Cat said...

I love it when that happens.

Oh, Jessie. Please tell me that is not "Party In The U.S.A." in your playlist. I hate that song.

JESs said...

i hate her but i love the song

Cat said...

That song is so obnoxious.

JESs said...