Saturday, October 17, 2009

baseball anyone?

baseball games are really important where i live i dont live in a small town but they still are important and i love to go to them. i have played softball for two years. i play first, third, and right field. in softball infield is more important than outfield cuz you dont hit as far in softball. my favorite player on the river dogs (home team) is Melky Mesa. (Mel-key May-sa) funny name awesome player. he plays outfield just like i did when i first strated out and he is really nice :) dont know why i just told you this i just thought i should. are mascots are Charlie T. Riverdog, Chelsea Riverdog, and Bark which is a palm tree which is our state tree. Bark is funny cuz he runs really weird. lol. i thought you might enjoy seeing what i was talking about. lol leave comments also check out the rest of his videos here. the Michael Jackson one and the soulja boy one are really funny. bye:)