Monday, August 31, 2009

then and now

When I was little, about 5 or 6 i had this pair of red hiking boots that my dad had bought me for when we would go camping. (This is the best picture I could find except mine were like patent leather and they were for girls :) lol) Anyway, my dad called them my chucka boots (chuck-uh) boots. Im not sure why he did but it makes me smile everytime I say it. I loved those boots so much even though I wasn't much of a tomboy i still loved those boots. I tried to wear them everywhere. To the store, to church, to everything. One, day I outgrew them and my mom told me i couldn't wear them anymore. She said we could go and look to see the store had another pair for me in my size but when we got there the store told us that they did not sell them anymore since it had been like almost a year since we bought them. I got really upset. My mom told me that we could giveaway the boots to someone who could wear them like one of my cousins but I said no. To this day, I still have my Chucka boots somewhere in this crazy house. But I know I have them. We all have something from when we were younger that we treasure more than anything. What's yours?

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natalie said...

Those boots are pretty much awesome, hahah :D When I was little all I cared about were basically stuffed animals, Beanie Babies to be specific. And Pokemon :)

JESs said...

haha pokemon. :)