Sunday, August 30, 2009

stupid tree.

Today I fell twelve feet out of a tree and dis aligned my spine. We went out on the boat to this little place with a rope swing tied to a tree. You have to put your foot up in this small groove after you get up to about 6 feet in the tree. I tried to put my foot up on it and tryed to wrap my arms around the tree but my foot slipped and i lost my grip. I fell twelve feet out of a tree and I hit my back on a giant root. I blacked out and I rolled into the water. My dad had to come and get me out of the water. My arm and leg was scraped up, my ankles were swolen, and I got a few bruises on my legs. My back however, was pretty damaged my spine didn't feel right and my dad had to fix it. I will have a bruise the size of a small dog on the right side of my back tommorow. At least I can get out of gym.


natalie said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds terrible! I'm glad that you don't have any horribly serious / permanent type of damage D: You must be a tough cookie! If my very breakable friend had done that, she'd have broken every bone in her body. I hope you feel better ASAP!

Oh, and those donuts in the post below all look very yummy ;)

JESs said...

thanks :) my dad thought i had broken my back for sure but i just missed my spine when i fell. but today i have a serious bruise on my arms and the right side of my back.

:P Jess :X said...

hey thanks for following my blog! I am so sorry for you. that sounds very...painful. Hope you feel better soon!

JESs said...

thanks :)