Sunday, August 23, 2009

I be makin' some sweet kicks today :)

This just shows how random things are. If you really know me then you would know that my favorite colors are brown and green. Orange come in third. But we will get that later. Some of you may know that I started high school about a week ago. See, I ride the bus to school in the morning and when on the first day when I rode it I had to walk about a fifth of a mile to get to my stop. It's still in my neighborhood but it takes awhile. (now i asked the bus driver to stop right in front of my house and now she does) but that is beside the point. Anyway, i was at the bus stop which is right in front of a lady's house. She has a daughter named Riley who is in pre-k and she is really cute. So I rode the bus from that stop two or three times before i got the nerve up to talk to my ghetto driver. So each morning I would be out at the bus stop and she would come out in the morning, her and Riley, to take her to school in the morning like me and the sophomore that rides my bus with amazing hair. :) So each morning we would say "Hello, and good morning" and all that stuff. So after the first day my mom as usual moms do was all like "So... how was your first day of school." And i told her about my day, and the bus, and my bus stop, and the lady who's driveway we wait in. lol. So today I was bored and I had nothing to do and I really wanted this pair of custom made Converse's that I had made online for fun. Then I kinda got attached to them so I asked my mom if she would buy them for me. She said no... clearly because they are $60 and I just got the skirt and two shirts from Old Navy the day before but still. I babysit a lot when i can and when we go upstate where most of my family is i babysit my three cousins too. So my mom was all like "get your own dang money" and then she was like "go ask that lady if she ever
need a babysitter that you could watch her daughter." And i was like "mom you don't just go up to people and be like 'hi can i watch your kid'" but i was bored so i decided to go down there anyway. so i talked to her, she wrote my digits down XD. and she was like "what are you doing right now" all in all i ended up watching her daughter for 2 hours and i got paid $16 bucks and some bratty kid from across the street came over and the played together, supervised, pushed them on a swing til my arms fell off, the boy

kept telling me to go faster,
he told me to shut up, i wanted to smack him, and them his mom came by my house like an hour after i was done and back at the house and she gave me $15 for watching her son too. So in 2 hours i made $31. Now i be gettin' my fly kicks because my mom said she would pay for half and i was like Boo yah! Tell me what you think of the custom kicks i be orderin'?? (Sorry i had to take the pic from my laptop and for some reason it doesn't let me save it to my computer so it is a
little fuzzy.)

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