Monday, August 24, 2009

if your feeling down..

13 things I like best about myself:

1. My funny colored eyes (they are like partially yellow brown
2. The fact that I still love to watch Disney channel and nickelodeon
3. My hilarious random best friends
4. My fashion choices even though they don’t match sometimes people still love me.
5. I like that I can make people laugh without really trying.
6. I am not afraid to be brave and talk to someone new.
7. My ability to be strong threw any obstacle
8. My kick {a} handstand skills
9. The fact that I have no idea what color my hair is
10. My amazing photography skills
11. The fact that I have a conscience makes things easier on me :]
12. My amazing ability to not spell. And write my own way
13. The language I can speak that no one has ever heard of.

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TeeTee said...

I love your list... and I'm glad that you love yourself!

JESs said...

thank you. care to follow. sorry if you think i am kinda takin your ideas. :)

charlotte said...

so about half of you list is the same for
nice blog, follow mine if you wish :D

Cat said...

Haha; you do have a wacked out vocab Jessie. And your clothes don't always match, but that's fine.
And I have no idea what color your hair is either :)

JESs said...

:) i luv you caitlin