Thursday, August 20, 2009

Third Day of School

Today was the best day yet. You know those kind of people that are just naturally funny. That's my math teacher. He is hysterical. Ms. Ballard my English teacher said today, that we were allowed to eat in her class which is awesome because I get hungry :) and belive it or not Nick pulled out a granola bar. I laughed and then he laughed. it was a moment. lol jk. naw i like nick as a friend lol. so funny. Hopefully the days will just get better. Did I tell you that i got my TI-84 Plus Silver Edition in the mail the other day. I just love it when you slowly peep open the mailbox you see a package it's like you just want to say thank you to the mailbox and say "Yea! You are awesome!" i got it from ebay. "Bless you Ebay" :) i got it for $80 bucks. lol not the best deal but still better. :) anyway... yea thats pretty much it. new blog layout for new name. I kinda copied TeeTee. Just let me know TeeTee if you want me to take it off cuz i will. I know it's kinda yours so i understand. :) anyway.. again....i hope school is going well for everyone. let me know how school is for you. :)


TeeTee said...

I love your blog background!

JESs said...

aw. thank you. do you mind me using the circle thing?