Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Ok that's my story. A special thanks to hannah whereever you are for helping me come up with some of my characters.. I aloways wanted to start an advice coulmn when i was about 7 but then i figured that i give suckish advice. so is Wednesday and I am bored. Im trying to sell my old iPod on craigslist and some chic wants to do paypal but mama says no trick! CASH only! lol. man this is hard. i am selling it for $45 but personally i think it is worth more because it is in good condition. but wateva. anyway. i think i am (starting......NOW!) going to post some of my favorite videos from youtube. Maybe once a day. like one post. you need to watch them to add some sunshine to your day. ok so wait for it...wait for it.... i will put a video up in a couple of minutes.