Wednesday, July 29, 2009

random story~~-- Crepe Poco Place at last

once upon a time there was a magical mexican island called crepe poco place (also known as PAPa SMUrf or P.S.) on that island there live a small purple platypus named Jiatra (jie-a-tra) meaning *rapid movements of the hips* from the english term jirate :) anyway... jiatra had lived on this island her whole life but one day everything went wrong. Being that the platapus was half mexican she had quite a few problems. her english was not very good and she never learned how to eat with a fork. One day an odd group of sailors came to visit her town of P.S. one day while all of the other iguanas and platpusi were out looking for food when she saw the sailors coming she knew this ment trouble because she had never seen them before, and they were carring giant guns. She tried to find all of the villagers before the sailors could see her but it was no use they were no where to be found. She tried to hide as long as she could from the sailors but it was no use. They saw her hiding behind a gazooki Norway tree and they grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to the shore of the third beach. (if you look at the picture above you can see the four islands. they look like fingers) They told her that they meant no harm and that they came from a place named Greeble Plant City. There island was not much bigger than theirs and there island was being infested with swarm of black bugs called gib-gibs and they needed a place to stay. Jiatra calmed down and said they were more than welcome to stay there. But after about a week the greeblins began to over stay their welcome and started taking all of P.S. food. Jiatra didnt want to be rude and tell the guests that they couldn't stay but then things got out of hand. soon the greeblins invited there friends from the island of Alphine (Al-feen) to come and stay with them to because their island was about to get taken over by crazy chico bears because they were after Alphine's favorite, famous shnip berries (sh-nip) in the middle of their island where all the villagers lived. The leader of the island Papa Knock-Knock said that if the villagers of P.S. would let them stay they would give them a boat full of shnip berries. The villagers sadly agreed and went back to work gathering food. Finnaly after about 7 months Nug-Nug (Greeble Plant City's leader) and Knock-Knock (Alphine's leader) decided that they were going to leave and start a new island together and they were going to name the new island "Nigaboo Island" (Nig-a-Boo) and they would call themselves Nigabites (Nig-a-bites). For being so kind to let them stay they Nigabites gave P.S. all the berries they could eat and a year's supply of cheese. They wished them look on their journey to the new world and 5 months later they got a post card. Nigaboo island was located just North of the Purple Sea which according to the back of the postcard would now be named Nigaboo Sea. For short they would call the island N.I. for Nigaboo Island. Things worked out for the best on Crepe Poco Place and they had berries and cheese forever.

The End


Anonymous said...

wow, i cried when the ppl had to leave and create nigaboo...wonderful story!

JESs said...

lol thank ya

Cat said...

I love this story! :D
Those crazy chico bears are my favorite.

JESs said...