Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am so sorry purpletree.

Thanks to Caitlin, I just realized that yesterday was a month ago that i had started my blog. We have had some good times haven't we bloggie. Yes we have. In this month i have realized somethings that have changed a lot.

Here are the top five things i think that happened this month:
1. I cut 6 inches off my hair.
2. I had my birthday party.
3. I bought myself a new iPod.
4.I got a new babysitting job.
5. I started school.

If you haven't noticed in my blogs is that I like to use a lot of pink. Not because pink is my favorite color it most certainly is not. It doesnt even make my top five (Top five: Light lime green, mocha brown, light brown, robin's egg blue, and light yellow.) No shade of pink is in there you see. The reason I use pink... Well i have two reasons, one it stands out on my blog so you can't miss it (I could use red but i dont like red for specific reasons.) and the other reason is for breast cancer awareness (save the tatas. :D ) Show that you care about causes and make the color of a cause your bold color. :)