Sunday, August 16, 2009

been awhile

sorry it has been awhile since my last post i have just been really busy lately and i had a lot to do before school started back. i do have some stuff I want to show you but i might have to do that tommorow since it it kinda late. I think i told you that my iPod came and i had to take about an hour or so fixing it because my songs wouldn't sync. I had to take a lot of stuff off and I put some new stuff on. I took off some Miley Cyrus songs now that I really don't like her. I still like her songs but most deffinatly not her anymore. She turned into a total skank and she is tottaly trying to copy Brittney Spears which i think is a poor role model because she really isn't that talented anymore either. Just watch the first like 40 seconds of this video and you will see what i mean.

But anyway...i also put some new songs on their too. I like jennette McCurdy from iCarly XD lol but she is a really good country singer. I like her song So Close. You should listen to it. But yea i think i need to go to bed now but i will definatly get back on tommorow. I am going to take some pictures to show you guys of what i should wear on my first day of school. i have a couple that i want to show you and i want you to pick which one you like best.