Thursday, July 30, 2009

Karate Kouture (spelled wrong on purpose) short story~~--

There once was a girl named Patricha. (pat) and her dad was a champion karate master who made millions of dollars and her mother was the president of a large makeup industry. Pat was a spoiled little girl of the age of 12 and she inspired to be just like her mom. One day her dad asked her to come and do karate with him and she turned him down so he beat her with a stick and she passed out. Once she came to, she agreed to go to karate with her dad unwillingly. She was appaled by the way they dressed, so she decided to dress it up a little bit. Her dad was so embaressed by her that he put a paper bag over her head and called her Nakasumi. Then she threw up on her dad and he ate it and liked it and when she threw up it got all up in her face because she had a paper bag on her head. She jumps like a black belt ninja on top of the roof and throws up from dizzyness. It hits a chubby pedestrian and he starts to sing the cupcake song and she is pushed into a ponk cupcake where ron pops out if a cupcake in a bikini and says that he has a secret afflction and GeorgiaMeowCat licks off his lice.



Cat said...

*Ron Weasley in case all of you were curious. :D

JESs said...

dumbledoor. ron,ron,ron weasly! lol love that song.