Thursday, July 30, 2009

good morning!

good morning everyone. I think today is going to be a good day. It's always a good idea to have a positive attitude when you wake up. So I already have some great stuff to put up for today and i was just posting this quick little message to say, GET READY! Wow, i really need to eat some breakfast. I really want some chocolate mousse. That probably would not be the best thing to eat tho. Might be going to the old papa's smurf house today *not me the other one* i can't wait for my new iPod to come in but they said it might take forever to get here. The one good thing about ordering from them is that it was like $15 cheaper but it also takes 10x longer. It is purple and it awesome whether you think so or not, which you should think so because that would make you awesome. So as i told you i was going to sell my old one and i got like 4 people who wanted to offer on it so i told one guy that i couldnt sell it to him until i got my new one and he started yelling at me like "you don't need to put an ad up if you aren't going to sell it" and i was like "well i am and you are not getting it so bam!" anyway..... ok so i am about to post a really funny video that i think your gonna like. if you haven't seen this you should. and if you have..well..just watch it again. :)